Christianity Is Hardly Just a White Man's Religion

Article excerpt

Reading the article by Professor Tinyiko Sam Maluleke ("A black theology of liberation is essential for a real African Renaissance", September 14) left me astounded.

It is a serious misrepresentation and misunderstanding to talk of a "white God" and a "black God", since you will then also have to talk of a "brown God", "off-white God", and so on. Why bring apartheid into theology?

You did not have a separate white God creating whites, a black God creating blacks, a brown God creating brown people.

In terms of Christian theology, you had one God creating a diverse creation and rainbow nation.

Any other view is unbiblical.

Jesus was anything but a "white male", as the article purports.

Christianity is also not a white man's religion, nor a European religion, and definitely did not originate in Europe. Christianity originated in the Middle East, and the inhabitants there have never been known as "white people".

In terms of the Bible, some of the earliest Christian converts were black people, some of who brought the Christian religion to Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa.

It is also a complete misrepresentation to insinuate that ministers unilaterally heaped loads of blame on black people for their thieving, housebreaking, stabbing, murdering, adultery, as the article states. …