Finding Their 'Sacred Space' New Catholic Church Celebrates Mass in a Machine Shed on Old Farm

Article excerpt

Byline: Gwen H. Jader Daily Herald Correspondent

Nestled among farms near Antioch, St. Raphael the Archangel celebrated its first Mass Saturday.

Pastor John Jamnicky welcomed about 150 people to Lake County's newest Catholic church, which is temporarily being housed in a machine shed on the former Pedersen farm.

Briefly mentioning the Christmas story of Christ being born in a barn, Jamnicky said the church is sacred space, no matter what kind of building is used for worship.

"Today we are preparing to celebrate the Eucharist here. This is our home, our sacred space," he said.

The building has undergone extensive renovation. The crucifix above the altar, the pews, confessionals, the tabernacle, the stained glass and wooden arches all previously stood in now-closed Chicago churches.

"The crucifix is nearly 100 years old, and that image of Christ has been a symbol for worship for many years," Jamnicky said.

St. Raphael is the Archdiocese of Chicago's first new parish in 10 years, according to the church bulletin. It serves an eight- square-mile territory bordered by the state line to the north, the Tri-State Tollway to the east, Grand Avenue to the south and Deep Lake and Grass Lake roads to the west. …