Depravity: One Thing Our Children Are Being Taught

Article excerpt


IF STATE schools were training nine-year-olds to fire handguns, or11-year-olds to ride motorbikes, you might possibly protest.

Why, after all, would children need to learn at such young ages to do dangerousthings that only adults are supposed to do, and then under strict rules? Mightthey not use their new knowledge before they are ready?

Yet we do something just as mad, and everybody approves of it. What is more,the main argument for doing that thing has been repeatedly proved to be wrong.

It is called sex education. I wonder how many parents, as their childrendisappear through the school gates for another year, take the trouble to findout exactly what is being taught under this label, and how young its victimsare.

A few months ago, I reported here that four and five-year-olds in State primaryschools were being exposed to homosexual propaganda in the form ofinnocent-seeming story books.

This was an experiment. Who do you think was being experimented on? Yourchildren, of course. And the experiment is a nasty failure.

Far earlier than you might think, children everywhere are being subjected toindoctrination and exposed to material which within living memory would havebeen considered to be pornography.

The official reason for this is that the material will reduce under-agepregnancy, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases.

Yet, in the decades since the condom-waving, pill-prescribing sex maniacsinfiltrated the schools of Britain, all these things have increased, and showevery sign of continuing to do so. The only thing that is slowing the processand only slightlyis the widespread availability of emergency contraception, a potentmorning-after pill originally developed by vets to deal with wayward pedigreebitches.

I have been studying the history of this process in an extraordinary book,Lessons In Depravity by E. …