Another Special One ...or the New Nancy? (1) NEW MAN IN TOWN: Avram Grant (2) GLAMOUR: Tzofit Hopes to Continue Her Acting Career in the UK (3) BACK SEAT: Jose and Tami Mourinho

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Byline: Ben Lyttleton, Polly Dunbar

STEPPING in to replace Jose Mourinho, Avram Grant declared: 'I'm notspecial, just normal.' But in one respect the new Chelsea manager looks set toput the self-proclaimed 'Special One' in the shade.

For while Mourinho's wife Tami preferred to stay quietly out of the limelightduring her husband's threeyear tenure, actress and TV presenter Tzofit Grant islooking to make a splash on London's social scene.

Indeed, her flamboyant dress style, and risque sense of humour have alreadydrawn comparisons with another well known WAG - Nancy Dell'Olio.

Like Sven-Goran Eriksson's longterm partner, she is no stranger to controversy- the 43-year-old brunette once drank her own urine on her television show.

The mother-of-three, who is renowned in her native Israel as the glamorous halfof the Grants, raised eyebrows when she failed to follow her 52-year-oldhusband to England 15 months ago when he became technical director atPortsmouth FC.

She claimed she preferred to stay in Israel to further her career on TV. ButMilkshake, the show she fronted, was cancelled following poor ratings.

Since then she has starred in a film, Bittersweet, as a wife suffering maritalproblems. …