DISMISSED Effenberg: Rangers Are out of Their Depth on the Euro Stage; LUCKY: Effenberg Says Rangers Lack Quality

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RANGERS have been branded lucky nohopers and had their Champions Leagueclaims laughed off - despite starting with a win over Stuttgart.

Old Ibrox foe Stefan Effenberg dismissed the stirring 2-1 comeback successagainst the Bundesliga champions and insisted this Rangers side has no chanceof improving on their last-16 qualification of two years ago.

The German legend, back in Glasgow for Wednesday's thriller, claimed Stuttgartthrew away certain victory with their own blunders.

And he insisted that even the fighting qualities Rangers possess will not besufficient to save them when faced with Lyon and Barcelona in the coming weeksof the Group E campaign.

'I am not impressed by them,' said Effenberg, now an expert analyst for aGerman sports channel. 'They fight, they can run a lot, but they shouldconsider themselves very lucky that they won this game.

'They did not play well against Stuttgart and, although they have a good startwith three points, it will be hard for them.

'They have to play against two strong teams now and this is a good first step.But Rangers are far away from perfect.' Effenberg faced Barry Ferguson while aBayern Munich star in 1999 and the Rangers skipper was one of just three inWalter Smith's team to earn pass marks from the German.

'He was a player who did pretty good and with fight,' Effenberg noted. 'Thestriker Jean-Claude Darcheville impressed me, Ferguson played good and thegoalkeeper (Allan McGregor) is good - but the rest is ...I don't know. It isnot enough to go to the quarterfinals.

'Rangers didn't play well but they won, which is the most important thing. …