'Hide a Child' Warning; Wise Buy: Holly Winston Saved on Her Motor Insurance Premium the Legal Way by Shopping Around

Article excerpt


Six in ten parents admit they would consider insuring their child's carin their own name, adding the child as a secondary driver, to bring insurancecosts down. But the practice, known as 'fronting', is against the law andparents who do it risk fines, invalidating their cover and jeopardising futureinsurance for their children.

HayleyParsons,managing director of insurance comparison website gocompare.com, which carriedout the survey, says that as insurance premiums have soared it is notsurprising that parents want to do all they can to help their children.

'But parents should not be tempted to hide a young motorist as a named driveron a policy,' she says. 'Where fronting is exposed, insurers will cancel thepolicy or charge the correct premium as a lump sum.

'Drivers who have had a policy cancelled will have to declare this on anyfuture insurance applications and will find it harder to buy. Insurers can alsorefuse to pay for any claims or can settle a third-party claim and recover thecost from the parent as the policyholder. …