How to Be Fit like Me ; Engaged: Carly and Joe Cole Are Getting Married, but They Keep Their Fitness Regimes Separate

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Ask personal trainer Carly Zucker her ambitions for the future and theanswer is unequivocal. 'I'd like to open my own lifestyle fitness boutiques inLondon and the Home Counties,' says the 23-year-old.

But before she can build a fledgling business empire, Carly's future involvesbecoming Mrs Joe Cole,when she marries her boyfriend of five years,the25-year-old superfit England and Chelsea midfielder, to whom she became engagedearlier this year.

The couple, who live in a fabulous house on a gated estate in Cobham,Surrey,mayhave an opulent footballer's lifestyle with exotic holidays in Miami, but Carlyis not about to swap her gym towel for that more usual footballers' wives'exercise shopping.

'I do love shopping,' she says, smiling, 'but I love my work, too.' Keeping fitand healthy is something Carly has been doing since childhood, running aroundplaying football outside with her brother Jamie, 24, and sister Madelaine, 20,in the parks of Wanstead Flats backing on to their Victorian terrace in EastLondon. 'We were a sporty family and I was encouraged to do sport at school,'she says.

After she left school, Carly studied for a diploma in personal training inSurrey before starting work in the flagship gym for Holmes Place inKensington,West London. After several years working up a reputation as apersonal trainer there,she left and now sees clients privately in their homes.

'If there was just one thing I'd emphasise it's posture,' she says. 'If youdon't have perfect posture when you're exercising you won't get the results youwant.

'What most people don't know is that it takes 300 repetitions to learn anexercise properly, but another 5,000 reps to undo an exercise that you'velearnt incorrectly.' Carly is a fan of functional exercise which works on thewhole body, with an emphasis on maintaining 'core stability'the deep stomach muscles that we use to balance and maintain a good posturehence those impressive abs.

She has also taken up Bikram yogawhose devotees include Madonna and Geri Halliwellwhich is practised in a heated room. 'I love the heat and being in a warmenvironment relaxes the muscles so you can stretch more,' she says.

As for routine, Carly is refreshingly flexible about sticking to a strictschedule despite having a toned figure to die for.

'I don't stress about the way I look too much. I see how I feel when I wakeup,' she says.

'It's really important to listen to your body.

I might do five intense exercise sessions one week, but fewer another week. Iwould never tell myself I have to go to the gym three times a weekthat's when you start resenting exercise.' And does she ever go running or workout with Joe? 'Never,' says Carly. 'Joe trains for hours at work, so he's notgoing to come home and want to go for a jog. We do more leisurely things suchas play tennis or walk our bulldogs.' But how does she motivate her clients totake up exercise, and once they have done, to persevere? 'They might take upphysical exercise to lose love handles or look good on the beach,' she says,'but not enough emphasis is given to how exercise can really improve your moodand quality of life whatever your age.

'The important thing is not being too breathless to walk around by the timeyou're 50 and being able to play and run with your children,' she says.

Here Carly has compiled six brilliant exercises for readers to target problemareas. Each one is simple,effective and easy to practise at home. If you dothis routine daily you will see your whole body become toned after just sixweeks. …