Interpreting Your Dreams

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Dreaming occurs during a sleep stage called Rapid Eye Movement sleep, orREM - if you look at someone's eyes when they are in this stage, their eyesdart around as if they are looking at something. It's a sleep stage, but thebrain is as active as if it were awake.

The big difference is that the senses are disconnected from the outside worldso that the brain/mind can think or imagine what it likes without being heldback by reality.

Everyone has REM sleep and anyone awoken out of REM thinks they are dreaming.

But dreams evaporate quickly upon awakening and after 30 seconds they areforgotten. If you want to recall them, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier thanusual, and go to bed thinking you will examine your mind when you hear thealarm.

What happens when I wake up and cannot move?

Your muscles are paralysed when you are in REM sleep, so that you do not actout your dreams.

Episodes last for about 30 seconds and most people will experience it at leastonce in a lifetime.

What is sleepwalking?

There are various types, but the most common occurs during deep sleep, thestage out of which it is very difficult to awaken someone. …