ZERO TOLERANCE; Shocking Adverts Protest against the Fashion World's Obsession with Size Zero Models

Article excerpt

Byline: By Lisa Adams

THESE are the latest shock images to jolt the fashion industry into action over anorexia.

But top designers have already dismissed the ad campaign. Looking like an Auschwitz victim, Isabelle Caro bravely stripped off for this controversial advertising campaign unveiled at Milan Fashion Week and already causing a storm across Europe.

Isabelle, 27, who weighs less than five stone, has been battling anorexia for 15 years.

After a tough childhood in France, she says she wants to get better because she loves life. She adds: "I have hidden and covered myself up for too long.

"Now I want to show myself without fear, even though I know that my body is repugnant. The suffering I have experienced only makes sense if it can be of help to others who have fallen in to the trap from which I am trying to escape."

The shocking pictures are being splashed across billboards in Italy and have also been backed by the country's health minister Livia Turco.

Designed for Italian fashion house label Nolita, the pictures are the latest provocative ad campaign by photographer Oliviero Toscani.

Above one shock image of Isabelle is the slogan "No anorexia."

Toscani stripped his subject, to show everyone through this nude body the reality of anorexia, which, he claims, is caused by stereotypes created by the fashion world in the majority of cases.

He calls it a "courageous campaign", putting the spotlight on the Size Zero debate and a fashion industry at war over the health of models.

But despite the shock images, fashion designers in Milan denied the industry had anything to do with the illness.

Giorgio Armani said he thought such shocking imagery was "opportune" as a way of making people face up to the dangers of anorexia, which he said had little to do with models on catwalks.

He said: "Anorexia has reasons which are not linked to fashion. Even people who take no notice of fashion get anorexic. …