The Doors of Perception; What We Perceive and Understand Depends upon Who We Are. - Aldous Huxley

Article excerpt

Byline: Adrian E. Cristobal

Now is the time for Senator Alan Peter Cayetano to ridicule Presidential Legal Counsel Sergio Apostol's speech for saying that corruption in government is just perception, that it doesn't exist.

He may begin by asking what Apostol means by "perception." Merriam-Webster offers several definitions: Concept or mental image; consciousness (obsolete); physical sensation in the light of experience, and quick, acute, and intuitive cognition. The synonym is "discernment."

But what the honorable counsel probably meant is "illusion," just a mental impression that isn't necessarily true, which reminds us of George Bernard Shaw's sally to a heckler's remark that he, GBS, wasn't perceptive: "I agree with you, sir, but what are we against so many?"

Apostol's perception certainly does away with the observation that a person is "perceptive," which ordinarily means that the person can "see through" something.

The beauty of Apostol's perception is his statement that the administration has gone after the corrupt through the Ombudsman, the Sandiganbayan and other anti-graft agencies. …