Could This Be His Last? Easy Rawlins Is Back on the Streets of L.A. to Sore a Crime That Threatens the Lives of His Closest Friends

Article excerpt

THE BLACK PROVERB, "every goodbye ain't gone," comes to mind when Walter Mosley talks about BLONDE FAITH (Little, Brown and Co., $25.99), the 10th novel that features Easy (Ezekiel) Rawlins. It comes to mind because Mosley says BLONDE FAITH may be the last in the popular series highlighting the heroic, yet hapless, detective in Los Angeles. Then again, maybe it's not.

"I'm thinking about not writing any more Easy Rawlins novels," says Mosley. "But I don't know. I might wake up one day in 20 years and decide there is a story I want tell about Easy Rawlins. But for now, this could be it. You can't write [about] something forever."

Leaving the door open for another installment in a popular series is an old trick of the trade. Or perhaps Mosley borrowed a page from David Chase, the Hollywood director and producer who is best known for his work on the acclaimed HBO series The Sopranos, whose season finale faded to black, leaving fans hanging.


Still, BLONDE FAITH is a captivating thriller, peppered with historical and philosophical references that, like past Rawlins stories, harken back to the Watts riots when the nation was experiencing a jumble of political uncertainty, racial strife and economic hardship.

The latest story finds Rawlins mourning his longtime love, Bonnie, who is about to be married to another man. …