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THE latest prediction from Electoral Calculus shows the Lib Dems gettingno seats at all on their current average poll rating of 13 per cent.

This comes two years after they expelled me on the grounds that I was atraditional economic liberal who believed pretending we could have large-scale,constant power from intermittent, small-scale windmills was insane.

The electorate arent fools and are, on most things, genuinely liberal-mindedand would have voted for the Lib Dems had they been so.

It was for being closer to economic liberals, pushing for Irish-style growth,rather than for supporting independence, that the SNP won the last Scottishelection.

This Lib Dem collapse isnt merely or even primarily because Ming is useless,but because the party has adopted lunatic policies and driven out genuinelyliberal and progressive members.

I regret that a party to which my father devoted his political life has beentaken over by eco-nuts and nanny statists opposed to classic liberal principlesand has been destroyed by them.

I dont think its possible now to save the party, and I would advise those MPsand MSPs who believe in something close to traditional liberalism to leaveeither individually to some other party or, better yet, collectively (as theLiberal Unionists did last century), as part of an electoral pact.

Going down with a sinking ship can be honourablebut not if the ship is flying a false flag.

NEIL CRAIG, Glasgow.

Two familiesdomination DO PEOPLE not realise that since 1989 voters in the U.S.have voted for Bush, followed by Clinton, then Clinton again, then anotherBush, then Bush again and now look like backing another Clinton?

This could mean that by 2016, all political power for the previous 27 yearsunder the worlds greatest democratic system has stayed with just two familiesin a country of many millions.

Does no one smell a rat?

STEWART WINTER, Cumbernauld.

When in Rome ...

WHAT gives Muslim medical students the right to dictate what ailments they willtreat or not if someone has an alcohol or sexually-related illness?

These people need to be taught the basics of someone elses human rights andfreedom of choice and remember that the rest of us were brought up on the truesayings of being invited into someone elses domain that when in Rome, you do asthe Romans do.

The PC brigade really will be hiding under the bed now that this has come upafter Sainsburys announcement that its Muslim staff dont have to sell or handlealcohol.

Where are these shop assistants when their fathers and grandfathers andbrothers are all loading up at the cash and carries all over the country tostock up at their corner shops so that they can send them to university to gettheir qualifications on the back of profits made from the sale of alcohol andmens dirty magazines?

Sounds like double standards to me.

Let me just remind these people that they also have freedom of choice. Go andwork in another country if you dont like what you see or get here.

Remember that other old saying given enough rope. Someone please stand up andtell them they are turning decent people against them because enough is enough.

P. SMITH, Edinburgh.

Flood of laws, hard to grasp IS ANYONE brave enough to run for Parliament on apolicy of no new laws or regulations for five years? It takes a long while forthe populace to grasp new legislation in the volume it comes out from the EU,Parliament, Holyrood and local councils. …