'October Rebellion' Targets Tony Georgetown

Article excerpt


Down with capitalism. Down with neoliberalism. Down with the wealthy exploiters of Georgetown and their sycophants who take from the poor and feast on the culinary delights of Nathan's Restaurant.

The supporters of the so-called "October Rebellion," designed to protest the actions of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, convene at 9 tomorrow night at Washington Circle in Foggy Bottom before moving to the streets of Georgetown and letting the bourgeoisie pigs there know that the proletariat are wise to their human rights abuses.

If it were not for the greedy denizens of Georgetown, there would be no homeless people shuffling up and down Wisconsin Avenue. And these homeless people would not be talking to imaginary voices. Instead, these homeless people - at least a few of them anyway - would be living in the home of George Stephanopoulos and staging keg parties every weekend night.

The oppressed revolutionaries are calling for "disruptive actions," unspecified though they may be. The downtrodden socialists do not reveal if they will be packing weaponry, although any worthy revolution requires the practitioners to carry instruments of persuasion. Comrade Che Guevara would be the first take up arms against the ruling class of Georgetown if he were still around to inspire the unwashed masses.

Understandably, the organizers of the October Rebellion are targeting Georgetown because of the residents "who make the IMF, World Bank and oppression of D.C. possible." October Rebellion studies show that three out of four Georgetown residents either hold powerful jobs at the IMF or World Bank or pay illegal aliens a meager $10 an hour to landscape their lush lawns. These are crimes against humanity that no longer can go unanswered.

Power to the people who own nothing but the clothes on their backs and the bricks in their hands.

You ask: Why Georgetown? Why not McLean or Potomac? Because it is too far to walk to McLean and Potomac. …