2007 ICMA Annual Award Recipients

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Award for Career Excellence in Honor of Mark E. Keane

Edward P. Everett, city manager (retired), Redwood City, California

Other Nominees:

Edward Beasley, city manager, Glendale, Arizona

Thomas J. Courtney, city manager, Twin Falls, Idaho

William C. Dixon, village manager, Arlington Heights, Illinois

John J. Duffy, borough manager, Matanuska Susitna, Alaska

George C. Duncan, chief administrative officer, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

David B. Elder, city manager, Worthington, Ohio

Terrence L. Ellis, city manager, Peoria, Arizona

Thomas O. Forslund, city manager, Casper, Wyoming

David T. Harden, city manager, Delray Beach, Florida

William T. Lichter, village manager, Lombard, Illinois

David L. Miller Jr., city manager, Forest Hill, Texas

Gerald R. Miller, Long Beach, California

Terrence R. Moore, city manager, Las Cruces, New Mexico

David M. Morgan, city manager, Anaheim, California

James H. Norris, village manager, Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Raymond R. Patchett, city manager, Carlsbad, California

Gordon L. Pedrow, city manager, Longmont, Colorado

Valerie L. Salmons, village administrator, Bartlett, Illinois

Frank L. Walsh, city manager, St. Joseph, Michigan

Award for Career Development in Memory of L. P. Cookingham

Byron D. Jorgenson, chief administrative officer, Sandy City, Utah

Other Nominees:

Lee R. Feldman, city manager, Palm Bay, Florida

Robert D. Franz, village manager (retired), Deerfield, Illinois

Eric J. Levitt, city manager, Sedona, Arizona

Bruce T. Moore, city manager, Little Rock, Arkansas

Ronald G. Wagenmann, township manager, Upper Merion Township, Pennsylvania

M. Ray Wiggins, deputy village manager for operations, Oak Park, Illinois

Joyce Wilson, city manager, El Paso, Texas

Assistant Excellence in Leadership Award in Memory of Buford M. Watson Jr.

Robert L. Stull, deputy city administrator, Yuma, Arizona

Other Nominees:

Ronald F. Brey, assistant city manager, Bozeman, Montana

Pamela S. Jacobs, assistant town manager, Los Gatos, California

Pamela J. Kavanaugh, assistant city manager, Glendale, Arizona

Mary L. McKittrick, assistant city administrator, Geneva, Illinois

Academic Award in Memory of Stephen B. Sweeney

Robert L. Bland, professor and chair, Department of Public Administration, University of North Texas

Other Nominee:

David Y. Miller, interim dean, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Community Health and Safety Program Excellence Award (populations 10,000 to 49,999)

Youth to Youth Program -- Dover, New Hampshire, and J. Michael Joyal Jr., city manager

Other Nominees:

Blight Team -- Junction City, Kansas, and Rodney D. Barnes, city manager

Fire & Rescue Children's Fire Safety Festival -- Dover, New Hampshire, and J. Michael Joyal Jr., city manager

Police Department High Tech Crimes Unit -- Central Point, Oregon, and Phillip M. Messina, city manager

Regional EMS Partnership -- Schertz, Texas, and Donald E. Taylor, city manager, and David J. Harris, assistant city manager

Community Health and Safety Program Excellence Award (populations 50,000 and greater)

Criminal Abatement Program -- Little Rock, Arkansas, and Bruce T. Moore, city manager

Kids Health & Fitness Expo -- Roseville, California, and W. Craig Robinson, city manager

Other Nominees:

Adult Day Care Program -- Polk County, Florida, and Robert M. Herr, county manager

Assessment of Road Signs for Retroreflectivity -- Latrobe, Victoria, Australia, and Paul L. …