Wells Fargo Stages Big Ad Campaign Explaining Asset Allocation Service

Article excerpt

Wells Fargo & Co. is making a big splash with a print advertising campaign for its investment services.

The San Francisco banking company launched the campaign June 4 with a glossy, eight-page brochure inserted in the Sunday editions of five top California newspapers.

Three newspaper display ads have since appeared, and a second brochure is in the works, according to Didi Lewnes, director of print media management at Wechler Partners Inc., the New York firm that designed the ads.

The campaign is unusually ambitious for a bank investment products program. But Wells Fargo, which manages $10.6 billion of funds, is known as both an innovator in consumer investments and a shrewd marketer. The centerpiece of the campaign is the 10- by-12-inch brochure, labeled "Asset Allocation: A Sound Approach to Mutual Fund Investing." Bearing Wells Fargo's trademark stagecoach image, the brochure sets out to explain some of the basics of investing as well as to promote products. One article asks if the reader truly has an investment portfolio, or just a mixed bag of investments. A multiple choice quiz rates the reader's "investment personality." The last section outlines Wells Fargo's products for asset allocation.

Wells Fargo is one of the few banking companies to offer asset allocation funds, which spread assets among a range of mutual funds depending on an individual's risk profile and financial goals. Its LifePath Funds, for instance, are designed to keep pace with consumers' financial needs over periods as long as five decades. …