Next Mobile TELEMATICS; Business Communication Solutions Made More Powerful

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Just when most of today's major business enterprises think they already have what they need in communications to hit the speed and security highway in top gear, next comes another.

Faster. More secured.

And better performance.

Enter Next Mobile, Inc (NMI) and the power of iDen technology to provide more competitive advantage to enterprises and enable them to further increase their revenues and cut their operating expenses.

Introducing Telematics, a term used in high-tech operations that makes your mobile phone function as an extension of your office computer.

For the past three years, Next Mobile invested in software development, specifically J2ME or Java mobile applications, and now commercially markets a set of innovative and customizable solutions to enterprises, bringing the value of Telematics a reality in the Philippines.

Since most businesses are highly mobile, the use of Telematics constitutes a competitive advantage that gives them the edge to respond to their own markets in a way only Next Mobile can: with Speed, Security and Solutions.

Next Mobile Telematics has developed about 50 applications with five breakthrough Modular Solutions that are now available to give enterprises a definite advantage in their daily operations.

* iLocate: Asset Tracking by GPS. This modular solution enables companies to monitor, track and manage their various mobile resources whether they are vehicles or field personnel using satellite GPS technology. Through Telematics iLocate, enterprises can advance Productivity and Efficiency through these Logistics and Fleet Management Productivity Indicators: Conformance to working hour directives, Conformance to set service areas, Reduced journey times, More calls / visits / deliveries per day, Minimized unnecessary downtime or idle time, Improved driving behavior and safety, Identify an unplanned deviation from a set route, Measure deviations / non-conformances to planned route, Measure fuel consumption vs. mileage, Identify unauthorized mileage and overtime expenses, Reduced insurance costs, Monitor workforce and operating budgets more realistically, Reduced fuel consumption costs, Reduced Mobile phone call costs, Conformance to agreed timed delivery schedule

* iWorks: A wireless work dispatch system designed to manage the mobile workforce more effectively in real-time. The application allows wireless dispatch of job orders and real-time update of work progress in the field via the data-enabled Next Mobile phone. iWorks has the following features: Web-enabled Job Dispatch Console - Create and send job orders via the web. Ensures receipt of job order via auto-remind and receipt confirmation feature; Real-time Job Status Display - Updates are wirelessly sent from the field and immediately reflects status of Job order previously created. Timestamps and correspondingly details are displayed in the Dispatch console; Remote confirmation and update - Field personnel inputs status of job orders via their handset and receives confirmation of successful updates; Report and Analysis - Incoming and outgoing transactions are captured for documentation and further analysis.

* iTrack: -provides an easy to use solution to capture employee time record, location and job completion of mobile personnel using a GPS and Java enabled IMX phone. With iTrack, companies can maximize productive time in the field with its remote time-in/time-out feature that includes the location of the employee. …