Tips on Growing Beautiful Potted Ornamentals

Article excerpt

Quite a number of people don't even attempt at doing some gardening because they wrongly believe that they don't have a green thumb.

They often tell other people that they have brown thumb. They say that everything that they plant don't survive.

Actually, everybody has the capacity to grow beautiful plants, particularly potted ornamentals. Here are some tips in dispeling the belief that one does not have a green thumb.

What is important is to know the requirements of particular plants. There are thousands upon thousands of ornamentals that are grown by gardeners worldwide. And they have varying cultural requirements.

Potting meduim. One should remember that except for a few species, potted ornamentals have to be grown in a potting medium that is rich in organic matter. The medium should be easily drained so that more roots will develop and so the plants will grow well. A loose growing medium will also prevent waterlogging which could damage the roots.

Proper light requirement. Some plants whill thrive best under partial shade while others will show their best under full sun. Better get familiar with such light requirements. If a shade-loving plant is grown in full sun, it could easily get burned. On the other hand, if a sun-loving species is grown in a dark corner, it will be limp and will not look attractive.

Proper watering. Potted ornamental plants should be watered regularly. Use clean water, not polluted one. Polluted water could carry fungi that could cause the rotting of your plants. Avoid excess water that does not drain.

Proper fertilizing. Plants need regular feeding. When the plants are already mature, use a balanced fertilizer, i.e., complete. If plants are used indoor, don't overfertilize. After all they won't be able to use the fertilizer as there is no sunlight inside the building so photosynthesis can take place. If too much chemical fertilizer is used, harmful mineral salts can accumulate in the potting medium which could hurt the roots. If that happens, leach the pot by submerging the pot in clean water.

No overcrowding. Don't overcrowd your plants. If you do, the plants will not be attractive. They will probably be limp and lanky. Besides, overcrowded plants are the favorite of insect pests. Free flow of air will not be possible and that could dispose the plants to fungal attack.

Groom your plants. Don't allow your plants to get dirty and bruised. Remove weeds if there are any. Wipe off dirt splashed on the leaves if watering is not done carefully. …