Medical Students to Treat 999 Cases

Article excerpt

Byline: By Greg Tindle South Wales Echo

Medical students have signed up as emergency life-savers who will respond to 999 calls in areas of Cardiff. In the first scheme of its type in the UK the students have been trained as first responders providing help and care before the paramedics arrive.

Around 30 doctors-to-be from Cardiff University's School of Medicine will be on call to deal with emergencies in the Cathays and Heath areas of the city.

The group was set up by final-year students Huw Williams and Rhian Davies, both aged 22.

Rhian said: "As medical students we want to help people and our first responder group will be invaluable experience to those training to be doctors.

"The huge pool of medical students - 300 - also means there will be a supply of people ready to be trained as first responders.

"All medical students want to help the community around them but a lot of us are aware that in a year we will be practising somewhere in Wales and this experience will be invaluable. …