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Byline: The Register-Guard

Christianity supports freedom

Reading Ellen Goodman's sometimes-snotty column (sorry, I tried to find a more apt adjective) attacking Christian "values voters" (Register-Guard, Oct. 26) and the even more offensive cartoon that accompanied it, I was reminded that the Christian world view makes this level of press freedom possible.

Choose any other nation that is as deeply rooted in another world religion as America is historically rooted in Christian principles and compare the freedoms of expression and religion in the two nations.

Go ahead. Try to imagine an Iranian newspaper printing an anti-Islam diatribe equivalent to Goodman's piece, illustrated by a dirty, low-blow cartoon bashing Muslims. No, they wouldn't print it and, by the way, neither would The Register-Guard.

Thomas Jefferson, reputedly our least Christian founding father (although he called himself a Christian), wrote that America's liberties were inescapably based on the conviction "that these liberties are the Gift of God." He also wrote that pure Christianity was the "religion of all others most friendly to liberty."

This love of liberty was why he officially promoted not just religion in general, but Christianity in particular, during his presidency and sought to protect it from government interference with his very clear letter (deliberately distorted in recent decades) on "separation of church and state."

Let the ACLU and others on their secularist team who are so free about trying to drive Christianity out of American culture and government reflect on whether they are killing the very golden goose that provides and guarantees their freedom.

Norm Fox


Driving laws are too lenient

Let's see, did I read it correctly? A guy gets arrested several times for driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotics, jumps bail twice, has no car insurance (because no company will insure him), has his license revoked, speeds around a corner in a 20 mph area and kills a woman pedestrian.

He's arrested again ("Hi, Bill! Guess you got me again!") and if he's convicted (notice the "if"), he might get as much as 28 months in jail.

I've got a better idea: How about 28 years? And we wonder why our highways are teeming with scofflaws. Come on, let's get real.

Mel Mead


Want peace? Move to Iran

In yet another astounding display of duplicity, dishonesty and partisan politics, The Register-Guard brings us an editorial titled "Declare victory in Iraq." The subhead read "The surge has succeeded, so bring the troops home" (Register-Guard, Oct. 26).

First of all, you know that this moron doesn't for a moment believe that the surge has succeeded. He dearly hopes that if we were to pull out our honorable troops at this point, it would produce a disaster. Chaos, without us there to counter it, would be a distinct possibility. Then all the effort, all the money (which, of course, is the main concern of this editorial writer) spent and all of the lives lost would have been in vain.

This moron knows all of this, and this is what he wants. He, like most liberals, is willing to sacrifice an entire country if it would aid his anti-war and bash-Bush idiocy.

The abusively liberal, completely corrupt and transparently partisan mainstream media is rife with morons like this editorial writer. They are without honor, integrity, morals, conscience, courage and, obviously, brains. War is not the answer, unless, of course, the question is what do we do about tyranny, slavery, fascism, Naziism, totalitarianism, Communism and, ultimately, liberalism.

Peace is not patriotic. Freedom is patriotic. You want peace, move to Iran, North Korea or to the lib heaven, Cuba. If you want freedom, stick with the true patriots: conservatives.

James T. …