Worst Type of Offenses Targeted by New Efforts

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Byline: John Zarocostas, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

John Zarocostas spoke with Abraham Katz, president of the International Employers Organization and president emeritus of the U.S. Council for International Business, at the International Labor Conference (ILO) conference in Lisbon earlier this month on the worst forms of child labor and efforts to prohibit it.

Question: The problem of child labor is still front and center in the globalized economy.

A: There's still these horrid cases that keep cropping up. We, and I take some credit that when in the [ILO] as an employer representative, I asked for a report on child labor and we got a very, very good report from the ILO secretariat. One thing led to another, and we proposed a second convention on child labor dealing with the worst forms of child labor and outlawing it immediately. I mean because child labor is a broad problem, it is going to take many years to solve, but the worst forms have to be eliminated immediately. The Gap allegations sound to me, from reports, fit that bill. …