A Father's Crimes

Article excerpt


The impact of the shooting deaths of two Fairfax County law enforcement officers, Detective Vicky O. Armel and Officer Michael E. Garbarino endures for the family members, the police department and the community ("Dad gets 3 years for having guns son used to kill police," Web site, Nov. 9).

It is probable this incident could have been avoided had Brian Kennedy, the father of shooter Michael Kennedy, taken a more responsible role as a parent. Instead, he chose to illegally purchase an AK-47 rifle, keep weapons in his home and regularly smoke marijuana with his son, knowing that his son suffered from mental illness. Additionally, he failed to report to police that his son had broken into his gun cabinet and removed high-powered weaponry. Suzanne Garbarino, the wife of the slain officer, correctly pointed out: "What type of parent would feed his son drugs every day and keep an arsenal of guns scattered around the house?"

Parental involvement in children's lives is integral to their healthy development. …