Difficulties in Communication Blamed for Project Failings; MANAGEMENT

Article excerpt

Byline: By John Cranage Business Staff

Busy bosses who come up with too many projects are having a destabilising influence on their businesses, according to a survey.

A study published today that 83 per cent of people in business believe that too many projects do not result in anything that improves profitability.

And 77 per cent of those questioned feel that senior managers underestimate the stress of repeated initiatives and how much change can unnerve their staff.

Despite that, 76 per cent said that, if carried out properly, many initiatives could prove beneficial. The problem is in the way they are executed, not the underlying idea.

The company behind the survey, Pentacle, an online business school, said most executives and managers in British business have a sceptical view of the value of company-wide strategic initiatives.

But while revealing deep scepticism about the manner in which strategic projects are managed, the research also found that most executives are happy to face change where it is managed properly.

Pentacle director Eddie Obeng said: "The general malaise surrounding strategic change is far from a new thing, as UK workers have typically viewed change with a level of mistrust, particularly where it adds additional duties to their daily workload.

"Interestingly, however, the majority of companies were enthusiastic about their own company's strategy showing that business has become much better at getting the buy-in of staff in recent years.

"UK business people are showing the kind of company loyalty, competitive spirit and can-do attitude that has been traditionally more associated with Americans. …