The Paperless Sierra Club

Article excerpt

An important reason for the success of the Wise Use movement has been its ability to exploit the latest in electronic technology. Now the Sierra Club is fighting back with an electronic activist network available to anyone with on-line access. Subscribers to SC-Action Alert receive daily updates on the latest skirmishes in the War on the Environment--with details about how they can most effectively make their voices heard. To enlist, send an e-mail message to with the message "subscribe sc-action" and you'll be enrolled. For those navigating the Internet via a "gopher," lead them to the same action alerts. Those using EcoNet as their service provider will find them in the sc.action conference.

Although the Club is fairly new to the electronic age, increasing amounts of information beyond calls to action are available on-line. Club headquarters on the Internet is our "home page" on the World Wide Web, located at and easily accessible through web-browsing programs such as Netscape or Mosaic. In addition to the above-mentioned action alerts, the Home Page includes an introduction to the Club and its history, a searchable collection of Club conservation policies, descriptions of Sierra Club books, the full text of the Club's activist newsletter The Planet, details of our Critical Ecoregions Program, and directions on how to contact local Club chapters. One of its most popular features is an updated listing of current Sierra Club outings. Catalogs and brochures for upcoming trips can be ordered from national.outings or directly through the Net. In the future, Sierra also hopes to be accessible through the Club's home page. (Sierra now accepts letters to the editor and "Last Words" responses via e-mail; send to sierra. …