Letter: Shared Humanity, Power and Political Self-Interest

Article excerpt


Dear Editor, Being interested in human nature and experience, I have, for years now, been thinking about the question of power and political self-interest.

I think it is important to know because the person with power can determine our experience of life, our hopes and aspirations for ourselves, loved ones, city, and country.

On this subject, I recently wrote to Liam Byrne who, considering all the posts he has - MP for Hodge Hill, Minister for the West Midlands, and Minister of State for Immigration - has a lot of power and influence.

I wrote on the natural self-centred tendencies of human beings and their effect on lives. I hope he understood what I meant and that it was a broad generalisation, otherwise I am very sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

Mr Byrne would understand perhaps better than most of us what motivates people in power to do good and to do evil.

What motivates Mr Blair, and what is motivating him now? How about Mr Mugabe?

This may not be easy to know. But what we may know is that they understand that people have basic needs; that they need justice - and that we want them to do what matters for our general wellbeing and country.

What motivates our city leaders? …