Blast from the Past; Pia Moran, Ms. Body Language

Article excerpt

Byline: Gypsy Baldovino

If the showbiz of the 80s would be defined by a star dancer, it's got to be Pia Moran.

Pia was dubbed as Miss Body Language because her body just literally sizzled when she grooved. Fortunately, her looks also matched the title to a tee for she was also petite, lithe and very pretty.

"I have no special secret in dancing, but according to my mom, bata pa lang daw ako, sayaw na ako nang sayaw, " she said. "Actually, my first passion was singing. Mataas ang boses ko."

Pia entered the movie business out of natural curiosity. "It was in 1980 while I was working at Taxco as a star model-dancer. I was just 17. There was a film shooting near the club, so I went there to watch. Tapos, hindi dumating yung artista nila, ako ang kinuha. Pumayag naman ako. I had no training in acting but apparently, the director saw that I registered well on camera. After the shoot, binigyan agad ako ng kasunod na pelikula. Ayun, derederetso na."

However, Pia's exposure as a literal public figure started in 1978, when she worked as a live figurine for a department store's display window. "Talagang parang mannequin ako. 'Pag gumalaw lang, saka malalaman na tao pala."

Her prowess as a dance diva was discovered by showbiz folks in her first showbiz party. "It was at Julie Ann Fortich's birthday party. Nahihiya pa nga ako, kasi ang daming artista. Among them was FPJ (Fernando Poe Jr.). Kasabay ko sila Tet Antiquera sa dance floor, tapos iniwan na nila ako sa gitna. Ayun, dance-to-death naman ako."

At her prime, Pia was among the favored leading lady of the biggest male stars, be it on sexy flicks like "Naiibang Hayop" and "Uhaw sa Kalayaan" or in drama, like the classic "Totoy Boogie." But Pia, being a true livewire, delivered well doing comedy, the likes of "Estong Tutong, Ikalawang Yugto" (1983) with Chiquito, "The Cute, the Sexy N' the Tiny" (1982) with Weng Weng, "Nang Umibig Ang Gurang" (1982) with Dolphy, "Sinisinta Kita," "Boni & Klayd", "Sekreta Ini" (1984) & "Wrong Rangers" (1984) with Redford White, "Soldyer!" (1979) with Cachupoy, "A Man Called Tolonges" (1981) with Dyords Javier, and "Darling, Buntis Ka Na Naman" with Nora Aunor and Mat Ranillo.

She was also a favorite leading lady of action stars like Ramon Revilla Sr. in "Nardong Putik," Jess Lapid Jr. in "Billy the Kid and the Sunshine Gid" (1984), and Rudy Fernandez in "Tatak Munti" (1985) & "Alex San Diego: Wanted" (1983).

Pia was so successful she was able to produce her own television series, "Probinsiya" on Channel 13. She also dabbled in restaurant business. But everything fizzled on thin air when she met that fateful car accident in 1992. …