Stuck for a Gift Idea? How to Find Something for Everyone

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Byline: By Yvonne Jones

Each year sees an ever more exciting and extensive range of festive goodies on offer - from fabulous foods to set the taste buds zinging, to delightful decorations.

Gift options are greater than ever too, with more and more to choose from online, so you need never do battle with the Christmas scrum on the high street.

That said, online shopping does lack the vibrant seasonal ambience of the real world.

If you are looking for luxury, we've got some great ideas at Chameleon.

We have lots of unusual designer accessories and one-off pieces that would make a great gift for someone special.

For pure indulgence we have leopard skin and faux fur throws; and this year's selection of Christmas decorations is pretty enticing too.

Buying gifts for people can be a tricky business.

A hamper might be the answer, as most people like to eat and drink. For the ultimate gourmet present try

This is a fantastic place for posh nosh. Why not send someone a Royal fillet of smoked salmon with a bottle of fizz for a delicious Christmas breakfast?

Or treat yourself to a magnificent three-bird roast.

Alternatively, you can make the world a better place by choosing something from 794 8000.

You can spend pounds 3 to pay for an eye test in India, or pounds 2,500 to help create a rainforest reserve in Ecuador. …