Tide Turning to the New Rock

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Byline: By Ceri Williams Western Mail

Are Tenby and Saundersfoot becoming Pembrokeshire's answer to Cornwall's Rock? asks Ceri Williams

IT'S NOT an un-common phenomenon - urbanites swapping noisy neighbours, city smog and traffic nightmares for calming ocean waves and breathtaking coastline scenery.

But, where places like Cornwall and Devon once topped the polls as the perfect city escapes, one of the UK's leading real estate service providers, Savills, is tipping Tenby and Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire as the new Rock, as they witness a growing trend in property interest for the beautiful coastline of West Wales.

Peter Reilly, head of residential sales at Savills in Cardiff, says, "Rock in Cornwall has long been the popular destination for people living in the city to escape to, but the tide seems to be turning and we are seeing an increasing number of people fitting that description enquiring about properties in West Wales.

"Rock has traditionally enjoyed inflated house prices as a result of its desirable, beach-side location and city dwellers have been more than happy to pay the asking price - and much more - to ensure they get their perfect holiday house or new family home in the country.

"We are starting to see the same pattern emerging in Pembrokeshire.

"We recently sold a beautiful home in Cornwall for pounds 200,000 over the asking price, following a bidding war amongst buyers.

"It was staggering how much people were willing to pay for the location. …