LIMIT SEX CASE RISK; Justice Chief Demands More Training in Handling Perverts

Article excerpt


POLICE and the prison service need to do more to improve the management of sex offenders, a new report claimed.

Criminal Justice Inspection said improvements had been made since its recommendations last year.

They followed the conviction of Trevor Hamilton for the murder of Attracta Harron in Co Tyrone just months after he was released on parole.

But CJI chief inspector Kit Chivers called for additional training for police officers and prison staff in handling sex offenders.

The Government recently published draft legislation which will end automatic 50 per cent remission and could lead to violent criminals who pose a danger to the public never being released.

The CJI said it should be consulted on the draft guidance to accompany new legislation to ensure appropriate levels of external scrutiny are built into the process before it is finalised.

It also recommended:

THE PSNI should set targets in local policing plans for their work in managing the risks posed by sex offenders for whom they are the designated risk manager. …