Bibliography: A Checklist of Scholarship on Southern Literature for 1992

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This checklist, the twenty-fourth published by The Society for the Study of Southern Literature, was prepared by the Society's Committee on Bibliography: George C. Longest, Chairman (Virginia Commonwealth University), R. Bruce Bickley, Jr. (Florida State University), Rebecca Butler (Dalton College), J. Lasley Dameron (Memphis State University), Thomas E. Dasher (Valdosta State College), Ruel E. Foster (West Virginia University), Linda M. Garner (David Lipscomb University), W. Bert Hitchcock (Auburn University), Susan Peters (Emory University), Verbie L. Prevost (University of Tennessee at Cattanooga), Anne E. Rowe (Florida State University), Welford D. Taylor (University of Richmond), Charles S. Watson (University of Alabama), Mary Louise Weaks (Rockford College), Jerry T. Williams (Mississippi State University), Annette Woodlief (Virginia Commonwealth University), Yasahiro Yoshizaki (Krtakyushu University), Waldemar Zacharasiewicz (Institut fur Anglistik und Amerikanistik der Universitat Wien).

Special thanks to Benjamin Franklin Fisher IV (University of Mississippi) and James E. Kibler (University of Georgia) for furnishing needed publications.

The checklists for 1968-1987 appeared in the spring issues of the Quarterly for the following years. Beginning with the list of 1988 publications, the checklist has appeared in a supplementary issue of the Quarterly. The first eight are conflated and supplemented in Southern Literature 1968-1975: A Checklist of Scholarship, ed, Jerry T. Williams (Boston: G. K. Hall, 1978). Scholarship published prior to 1968 may be found in A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Southern Literature, ed. Louis D. Rubin, Jr. (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1969). Items which carry the 1992 date but appeared too late for this list will appear in next year's.

The symbols and abbreviations used are those of the MLA International Bibliography. (A key to abbreviations not included there appears at the end of this checklist.) Cross-references for authors not in the main list appear at the end, and an Index of Authors of works listed in the checklist, keyed by entry numbers, appears at the very end.

Items for the checklist should be sent to the chairman of the committee: George C. Longest, Department of English, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA 23284, who would like to thank all who have contributed during the past year.

I. COLONIAL (1607-1800)

1. [BARTRAM, WILLIAM] Porter, Charlotte M. "William Bartram's Travels in the Indian Nations." FlaHQ 70 (April 1992), 434-450.

Provides a chronological account of Bartram's journey through Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. "The so-called civilized sciences, republican government, and organized religion appeared to Bartram to operate with arrogance and reckless disregard for the natural world." Includes references to Jefferson.

See also 922.

2. [BYRD, WILLIAM II] Shillingsburg, Miriam J. "Native Remedies Against Natural Defects: William Byrd, Swamp Doctor." POMPA, 1992, pp. 143-151.

Focuses on the natural remedies that Byrd knew and made use of during the surveying of the Dismal Swamp in 1728. Byrd's "knowledge of eighteenth-century cures and the relationship between ecology, medicine and diet coalesce."

3. Wohlpart, A. James. "The Creation of the Ordered State: William Byrd's (Re)Vision in the History of the Dividing Line." SLJ, 25 (Fall 1992), 3-18.

Contrasts Byrd's Secret History with his History of the Dividing Line to show his concern that order in "government [including self-government], economy, and religion" should prevail. Includes comments on Byrd's praise of Captain John Smith as a leader who established needed order in the Jamestown colony.

See also 50, 844, 895.

4. [GARRETSON, FREEBORN] Payne, Rodger M. "Metaphors of the Self and the Sacred: The Spiritual Autobiography of the Rev. Freeborn Garrettson." EAL, 27, no. 1 (1992), 31-48. …