A Sick Insult to Victims of Crime

Article excerpt

Byline: pat flanagan

AS CHRISTMAS nears spare a thought for those who will be away from it all during the festive season.

Think of the rapists and murderers forced to spend this happy time away from their families.

Remember the paedophiles and the perverts, the armed robbers and the drug dealers who will eat their Christmas dinner alone in their prison cell.

If there was any justice in the world these people would not be allowed out for the holidays, they would be freed altogether.

No, I haven't gone completely bonkers, I'm just leafing through the prison chaplain's annual report and it makes disturbing reading.

Sex offenders ought not be in prison at all and most other criminals shouldn't be there either.

These chaplain chappies are convinced it is all society's fault and, if things weren't so tough on the outside these guys would not be, well, inside.

Apparently we've got this crime and punishment lark all wrong. There you were thinking the criminals are the bad guys when in fact it's the prison service and society that are the real villains. And the media should be ashamed of themselves for demonising those poor paedophiles.

And YOU too are responsible for the pain caused to perverts for buying into this "tabloid version of 'justice'".

On the subject of sex offences, the chaplains believe we need we ask the question as to "whether prison is the place to deal with it".

Those caring chaplains claim that the State will only help perverts "after someone has actually offended". What kind of nonsense is this?

Do the chaplains really expect the Government to run pervert prevention programmes? …