Why Floyd Is Cooking Just for One

Article excerpt

Byline: Richard Kay

AFTER three failed marriages Keith Floyd thought hed finally gotmatrimony right when he walked down the aisle with bride number four, TessSmith.

Despite the fact that Tess, a glamorous food stylist, was more than two decadesyounger than the libidinous and colourful-chef, they settled into domesticbliss.

Alas almost 14 years after they wed, the couple are, I can disclose,livingapart. Bow-tied Floyd, 63, the original celebrity chef, is now billeted in aroom at The Bell Hotel in Faringdon, Oxfordshire.Meanwhile, Tess, 42, is livingin the nearby marital home.

Friends are concerned for Floyd, who admits to feelings of sadness andloneliness. But they point to peripatetic Keiths desire to live in Provenceas-a source of friction with Tess. She wishes to remain in England near herelderly parents.

Floyd, who is touring provincial theatres with a one-man show, confirms he andTess are not living together.He says: Shes looking after her parents,who arenot very well.

Asked if that meant divorce number four is in the offing, he replied:I dontknow about that.

He appearedequally baffled about what had gonewrong between him and Tess: Quitefrankly,I have no idea at all. …