36th National Day of the United Arab Emirates

Article excerpt

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has steadily progressed since its founding as a federation of seven emirates in 1971.

The population of the federation has grown from 250,000 to 4.25 million in the last three decades, with UAE citizens comprising 20% of the total.

On the economic front, the UAE continues to grow with constant double-digit increases in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), buoyed by its oil resources and the expansion of its industries and services. The UAE has the fourth largest reserve of oil in the world, producing around 2.6 million barrels a day over the last decade. Recognizing that this resource is finite, the UAE is now implementing a plan for diversification of the economy and development of its human resource pool.

The UAE government has facilitated the growth of sectors other than the petrochemical industry, such as tourism, property development, and banking and finance. UAE has experienced the most dramatic changes even in its physical landscape, especially the impressive buildings in Dubai.

The UAE government has also been successful in addressing social and political development concerns. …