International Volunteer Day for Social and Economic Development

Article excerpt

HELP for one's neighbors is part of the tradition of every society. This sense of community, participation, caring, and unity has become more important than ever before. In celebration of what can be achieved when individuals, communities, and governments work together to attain economic growth, sustainable development, and social change, International Volunteer Day for Social and Economic Development is observed on December 5 of each year.

Most governments acknowledge and take pride in the fact that volunteering is deeply embedded in national cultures through traditions of caring and sharing, and takes into account that voluntary action is something that is today included into national development strategies of most nations. When the founding member states established the United Nations in 1945, they agreed to work together to promote the economic and social advancements of all peoples. More than 60 years later, poverty and income inequality are on the rise, many people endure terrible working conditions, and the world faces an alarming environmental crisis.

While the United Nations and other related institutions continue to promote development, there are other powerful institutions who dominate the global economic system - the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization. …