THE RIGHT WINGER; EXCLUSIVE England Boss Front-Runner Capello Is Fan of Evil Fascist Leader Franco

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ENGLAND manager-in-waiting Fabio Capello was branded a fascist sympathiser after praising Spanish dictator General Franco.

The former Juventus and Real Madrid boss sparked outrage in Spain when he said the military leader made it a better place.

The 61-year-old, expected to become England coach before Christmas, has also admitted voting for fascist and right-wing political parties in his native Italy.

Capello made the comments last year as he started a second spell at Real Madrid - historically seen as the team of Franco's regime.

He told Italian newspaper La Republica: "In Madrid I breathed a sparkling atmosphere, the air of a country in Europe making the greatest progress. When I returned to Italy it seemed I had taken two steps back.

"Spain in two words? Latin warmth and creativity regulated by a rigorous order. The order which comes from Franco."

When reminded that Franco was a dictator, Capello replied: "But he left a legacy of order. In Spain everything works well, there is education, cleanliness, respect. We should follow their example."

Capello has also admitted to veering to the far right in his voting in Italy.

He began to follow politics in 1968 and after starting off voting for the Italian socialist party, he drifted further to the right, eventually switching to right-wing parties Lega Nord and Forza Italia.

Anti-racism groups have accused Lega Nord of "openly embracing racist and fascist" attitudes similar to Franco.

Francisco Franco led a military uprising in 1936 that sparked the Spanish Civil War and ushered in nearly 40 years of dictatorship. …