Is Sir Frank Whittle's Memory Being Neglected?

Article excerpt

I AGREE that Sir Frank Whittle should have a proper memorial (Mail). Heworked mainly in Rugby, but the town has almost totally ignored him, except fornaming a small road after him. I tried to find the house where he lived withhis family, but it had long ago been knocked down to make room for a road.

Whittle worked at Brownsover Hall, now a hotel, where there are some photos ofhim. At the new museum in Rugby town centre, there are several busts, but notone of Whittle. He is mentioned on two pages of a book about British ThompsonHouston (BTH, later GEC and now Alstrom) where it records that BTH wereinvolved in the development of the jet engine with Frank Whittle.

Lutterworth, where Whittle also worked, has a full-sized model of the GlosterE29/38 and a sign saying that the town was the workplace of Sir Frank Whittle.

Rugby could display a similar model, but chooses not to. Whittle wasresponsible for the creation of two huge industries, the aircraft and travelindustries, and neither would have developed without Sir

Frank. Every British Government should be ashamed at this neglect.

GEOFFREY LOVER, Crewe, Cheshire.

SIR FRANK WHITTLE is certainly remembered at Midland Air Museum at Baginton,next to Coventry Airport, at the Sir Frank Whittle Jet Heritage Centre. Itexhibits beautifully-restored early examples of Meteor and Vampire aircraft.

The display area is devoted to Sir Frank. …