Renoir's Muses; the Luncheon of the Boating Party by Renoir (below). Aline Is Far Left

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QUESTIONWho was the attractive young model who appeared in so many of Auguste Renoir's pictures?

PIERRE-AUGUSTE RENOIR (1841-1919) was a prolific artist who completing 6,000paintings.

Throughout his life, Renoir used several female models, but the two he paintedmost often were Lise Trehot and his wife, Aline Charigot.

The portraits of Lise were done early in his career and clearly show Renoir'sartistic development. The pictures featuring his wife show the fully developedartist, a master of his craft.

Douglas Cooper investigated the life of Lise Trehot in an article for theBurlington Magazine in 1959.

She was born at Ecquevilly (Seine et Oise) on March 14, 1848, the fourth childof Louis Trehot and his wife Amelie Elisabeth Boudin.

Renoir probably made her acquaintance in 1865 or early 1866 in the company ofhis friend Jules le Coeur, who at that time took as his mistress ClemenceTrehot, Lise's older sister.

Lise and Renoir became lovers and, over the next six years, he painted her atleast 18 times.

Examples include Lise Sewing, Lise With A Lace Shawl, Woman With A Parrot andLise With A Parasol.

In 1870, Renoir painted Lise as A Woman Of Algiers, before he was sent to servein the Franco- Prussian war. On his return, Lise posed for a final picture,Girl Feeding A Bird. On April 24, 1872, she married a young architect, GeorgeBriere de L'Isle (1847-1902), after which she devoted herself entirely tofamily life and is said never to have seen Renoir or posed again.

Renoir met his future wife Aline, a 20-year-old milliner, in 1879. She servedas a model for some of his most famous paintings such as Oarsmen At Chatou, TheLuncheon Of The Boating Party and The Bathers.

Renoir married Aline in 1890. After his marriage he painted many scenes of hiswife and family life, including their children and their nurse, Aline's cousinGabrielle Renard. The Renoirs had three sons, Pierre, an actor, Jean, afilmmaker of note, and Claude.

Allen Moore, Woking, Surrey.

QUESTION The U.S. states of North and South Carolina were originally a singlestate called Carolina after Charles II. Why was it divided? ON MARCH 24, 1663,Charles II granted eight Lords Proprietors all the land from the southernborder of the Virginia Colony from 36 degrees north to 31 degrees north.


This land was called Carolina, in honour of Charles I, his father. The divisionof the state came about because of the settlement patterns of the colonists inthis vast territory.

The first English settlement in Carolina was in 1653, on the banks of theChowan and Roanoke Rivers in the Albemarle Sound area in the north-east cornerof present-day North Carolina. The Albemarle Settlements came to be known inVirginia as Rogues' Harbour.

In 1665, Sir John Yeamans, a plantation owner from Barbados dissatisfied withhis lot, established a second permanent settlement on the Cape Fear River, nearpresent-day Wilmington, North Carolina, called Clarendon.

The Lords Proprietors in 1670 chose to settle a region in the south aroundpresent-day Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston became the principal seat of government for the entire province but,due to their remoteness from each other, the northern and southern sections ofthe colony operated more or less independently until 1691 with the appointmentof Philip Ludwell as governor of both areas. …