Re-Enacted 2007 Budget Seen; Senate, House Fail to Reconcile Budget Provisions Committees Can Work Even during Holidays - Villar

Article excerpt


The national government would have to operate on a re-enacted 2007 P1.26 trillion budget after the Senate and House of Representatives failed to resolve differences over the proposed 2008 P1.227 trillion national budget before Congress went on a month-long Christmas recess, Senate President Manuel B. Villar Jr. said yesterday.

Villar said he could live with a re-enacted budget to operate on Jan. 1, the start of the fiscal year, but this should not last for more than one month as Congress must pass the budget.

He earlier said that the Senate was willing to work overtime to pass the General Appropriations Act during the Christmas recess if called by President Arroyo.

However, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, chairman of the Senate finance committee, told Senate reporters that there was no need for Malacanang to call Congress to a special session because the government, based on the 1987 Constitution, could operate under a re-enacted budget. …