Happy Christmas Birthday, Son. the Same to You, Dad; First Born: Barry and Celine Woodrow with Alexandra Father Christmas and Son: David and Lee Henry, with Mother Kathleen

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Byline: Jonathan Brocklebank

BORN on December 25, David Henry has always had more reason than most tocelebrate the festive season.

But now, after welcoming his baby son into the world on the same day, he mightas well call himself Father Christmas.

For Mr Henry, the unexpectedly early arrival of little Lee was the perfectpresent.

But his wife Kathleen, 34, now faces having to make two birthday cakes and aChristmas dinner on the same day every year.

Mr Henry, 38, and his wife had not been expecting Lee until January 1.

The couple, from Yell in Shetland, travelled to Aberdeen Maternity Hospital aweek ago to stay in special accommodation for distant expectant parents.

They had no inkling, however, that their firstborn was in such a hurry to seeChristmas. They had even booked a Chinese meal out in Aberdeen for ChristmasDay.

But Lee was clearly determined to forge an early bond with his engineer father.He arrived at 5.23am on Christmas morning, weighing in at a healthy 7lb 7oz.

Mr Henry said: 'I'm just delighted about this. It's a great surprise and it'sso special. All of our friends were joking that the baby would arrive onChristmas Day, but none of them actually expected it to happen.

'Christmas will definitely be more 'Two birthday cakes and Christmas lunch'special from now on. I've been

Poland 'Christmas will definitely be more special from now on. I've beenteasing Kathleen about two birthday cakes and a Christmas lunch. But neither ofus mind as long as the baby is healthy - that's the important thing.' Mrs Henrysaid: 'He was originally due on New Year's day, so, either way, he would havebeen special.' The new mother, who works as a cook in a care home, said theywere looking forward to taking Lee to meet his grandparents.

Despite his early arrival, Lee was still more than five hours behind Scotland'sfirst Christmas baby. …