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Byline: The Register-Guard

Try not to spread those germs

Recently, at a local bank, I observed a teller cough into her bare hand and then proceed to hand money and papers to customers at her window.

Health-care workers, tellers, teachers and others who deal with the public face to face should adopt the practice of turning their heads and coughing into a fresh Kleenex, or, if that's not possible, coughing into their sleeves. Coughing continually into a well-used handkerchief isn't so good, either.

These same people should keep a dispenser of an alcohol-based hand cleaner nearby at all times and use it periodically, especially after dealing with a client or customer who has symptoms of a cold or is coughing. Consumer Reports says alcohol-based hand cleaners are effective as long as they contain at least 60 percent alcohol.

Ken Molly


Check out county's shelter plan

I'm writing in response to Sara Gregory's Dec. 11 letter regarding media coverage of Lane County Animal Services (LCAS) - formally LCARA. Fortunately for the animals in our care, not all of the staff and volunteers at LCAS agree with Gregory's pessimistic attitude that shelter operations cannot be improved within available resources. We are busy creating ways to do just that.

I am a regular volunteer at LCAS and also a member of the newly appointed LCAS Advisory Committee. Our task is to research other shelters that have succeeded in reducing the deaths of adoptable animals. We will then work with the management of LCAS to implement progressive programs as resources allow. I invite people to read the Save the Adoptable and Treatable Animals Resolution at www.lanecounty.org/documents/SAATF.pdf and to learn how other communities have used similar guidelines with huge success at www.nokilladvocacycenter.org. Judge for yourselves whether our county commissioners supported "outlandish changes," as Gregory asserts, or a carefully crafted plan to improve the care of our shelter animals over time.

I worked directly with the sweet, pretty cats from the recent raids - many of whom are tragically no longer with us. I see room for improvement, and I'm consequently highly motivated to help change the outlook for animals from future raids.

I trust that the kind citizens of this caring community will support our efforts and the eventual goal of seeing that every adoptable homeless animal in Lane County is cared and provided for. With enough community support, this can happen.

Debi McNamara


Donate time to animal shelter

I am writing regarding Sara Gregory's Dec. 11 letter about the Dec. 4 Register-Guard article about Lane County Animal Services - formerly called Lane County Animal Regulation Authority.

I agree with Gregory that volunteers are very much needed, both at the LCAS shelter and for many other types of volunteer opportunities, including off-site adoption programs and foster programs. I urge every caring person in the community to donate even just a little time, along with their talent or resources, to help LCAS become a shelter we can all be proud of.

For more information, please call LCAS' volunteer coordinator Kylie Belachaikovsky at 682-2372 or e-mail her at kylie.belachaikovsky@co.lane.or.us.

Diana Robertson


Waterboarding violates values

For over 100 years America regarded waterboarding as illegal torture. In 1898 U.S. soldiers faced courts-martial for torturing Filipino insurgents by waterboarding. In 1947 U.S.-organized war-crime tribunals sentenced Japanese officers to prison for waterboarding captives. The executive branch's 2002 decision to use waterboarding established American state-sponsored torture. Such torture is punishment inflicted by the state without criminal charge, legal trial or conviction of a crime; by using it a government asserts that state interests supersede all individual rights. …