NTC Lauded for Speedy Dispatch of Cases

Article excerpt

The National Telecommunications Commission, under Commissioner Ruel V. Canobas, issued a total of 392 orders and decisions for the period August-December 2007.

These issuances include interlocutory orders and Provisional Authorizations (PA), Extension and Renewal of PAs, and Certificate of Public Convenience and/or Necessity for the installation and operation of various telecommunications services, radio / television stations and cable television networks in the country.

Canobas said the speedy disposition of cases was his priority in his stint as head of the Commission. From the time he assumed the chairmanship of the NTC on August 14, 2007, he conducted nine en banc sessions for the deliberation of cases pending before the Commission.

Atty. Froilan Castelo, President of the Telecommunications and Broadcast Attorneys of the Philippines (TELEBAP), said that, "The NTC is now true to its mandate of being one of the most credible quasi-judicial agencies in the country."

"We are happy to note that the NTC is now acting with dispatch and with enough judiciousness on cases that have been long pending," Castelo said. …