'Crazy' George Bush Wants to Kill Me, Chavez Tells Supermodel Campbell

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VENEZUELAN leader Hugo Chavez has given an interview to supermodel Naomi Campbell in which he claims George Bush is out to kill him, hails Fidel Castro as a fashion icon and declares that the Duchess of Cornwall is not very good looking.

Campbell was granted an audience with the controversial politician for GQ magazine, where she has a new role as contributing editor.

Mr Chavez described the US government as "genocidal" and US President George Bush as "completely crazy".

But in a wide-ranging interview, Campbell also found time to quiz the leftwing leader on sartorial matters.

Required to name "the most stylish world leader", Mr Chavez replied: "Fidel, of course! His uniform is impeccable. His boots are polished, his beard is elegant."

Campbell also asked Mr Chavez if he knew the Spice Girls.

"I have memories of them. I know the Queen of England, though. I sent her a present. Coming down from BuckinghamPalace, I gave her a coin with her face on it," he said.

Mr Chavez was keen to find out more about the Royal Family, asking Campbell: "Do you know Prince Charles?"

When she replied that she had met him and had known Diana, Princess of Wales, Mr Chavez declared: "I like the Prince. …