How It's Done Worldwide

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IF a person is signed up to the organ donor register, their family will be asked after they die if there is any reason that wish may have changed.

We have a rate of 12.9 people whose organs are donated after death per million population. About half joined the register by ticking the box on their driving licence application.


HAILED as a world leader, its model of presumed consent is said to be what Britain should follow.

There are 33.8 donors per million population - three times as many as here. Last year, only three per cent of families at San Carlos hospital in Madrid refused to let their loved ones' organs be used to help others.

Transplant co-ordinator Professor Jose Ramon Nunez said: "It's amazing that families say 'yes' even in dramatic circumstances."


AN opt-in system - but there is a high rate of organs available, with 22.7 donors per million.


A POLICY of presumed consent, where donation will go ahead if possible regardless of any objections by the family. …