Job Application Gets Face, Voice

Article excerpt

Byline: Manny B. Marinay

The current hiring process being employed by companies relies mainly on text-based resumA[umlaut]s or what is commonly known as "bio-data."

Bio-data tells the basic information about a job applicant -- a summary of the person's academic background, skills and his work history if there's any.

Dependency on written words is becoming less and less in this age of online search engines and the Internet. To catch up with the growing paperless culture, libraries have installed computers for purposes of online research and cataloguing books.

Enter video resumes which give a face, a voice and personality to the job application.

Video resumes are already popular in First World countries. In the Philippines, talent and modeling searches have been using video resumes of their applicants.

Mitch Danita, general manager of a WorkMate, a recruitment agency, says they require their applicants to submit a video resume aside from the text-based curriculum vitae.

"Our clients want to see the applicants 'in person' via their video resume. The Philippines is lagging behind because we are still paper-based," Danita says.

Jeff Sabordo, human resources manager of Konek.Com, an Internet company based in Hong Kong, says video resume is the latest craze in the corporate world.

"An applicant's personality is easily assessed through a video resume. Even if the applicant practices his or her speech, the real person will come out. In paper resumes, what you see is what the person wrote about himself--and most of the times, it is so detached from his personality when you see him in person," he says.

Sabordo says new graduates should make video resumes so they will have a greater chance of getting hired. "The technology is already available here. I advise the 2008 graduates to avail themselves of this wonderful innovation in job application."

Innovative venue

In the Philippines, entrepreneur Florante F. Druz established "to offer an innovative venue online to help jobseekers build their careers faster and to assist employers in finding the right people to fit their requirements."

Armed with the high-speed pace of Internet technology, has pioneered the use of video resume, thereby revolutionizing job hunting as we know it today.

Cruz's foray into the business of providing video resume services is well-planned as he boasts of more than 20 years of experience in electronics and communications engineering. …