Thesis survey/Recension Des Theses

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I. Doctoral Theses / Theses de doctorat

Matthew Kingcheong Au, Rights of Private Investors in Global Financial Markets: From CrossBorder Financial Products to Harmonization of Financial Laws in Cyberspace and Post-WTO China, University of British Columbia.

Frederic Bachand, L'intervention du juge canadien avant et durant un arbitrage commercial international, Universite de Montreal.

Gary Botting, Judicial and Executive Discretion in Extradition Between Canada and the United States, University of British Columbia.

Roland Dale Brawn, Paths to the Bench: Judicial Appointments in Manitoba, 1872-1950, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Tomer Broude, Judicial Boundedness, Political Capitulation: The Dialectic of International Governance in the World Trade Organization, University of Toronto.

Wayne Douglas Burns, Human Rights, Southeast Asia and the Canadian Experience: A Comparative Analysis, University of British Columbia.

Julien Cabanac, L'influence de l'esprit scientifique sur la construction des droits francais, anglais et quebecois au sortir du siecle des lumieres, Universite d'Ottawa.

Harold Cardinal, The Right of Self-Determination for Indian First Nations in Canada, University of British Columbia.

Cynthia Chassigneux, L'encadrement juridique des traitements de donnees personnelles sur les sites de commerce electronique, Universite de Montreal.

Jia (Jennifer) Chen, International Interdependence in Search of Globalization of Law: Myth or Reality? An Interdisciplinary Perspective, University of British Columbia.

Ronald Davis, In Whose Interests? Democracy and Accountability for Pension Fund Corporate Governance Activity, University of Toronto.

Innocent Fetze Kamdem, Adaptabilite des instruments juridiques internationaux relatifs au commerce : pour une <>, Universite Laval.

Joseph Vincent Frankovic, Taxing the Income Generated by Prepayments for Property or Services: A Legal and Time Value of Money Analysis, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Martine Gravel, L'injonction contre l'Etat en droit administratif, Universite Laval.

Boutheina Guermazi, Bridging the Digital Divide: Beyond Basic Telecom Agreement Towards a Global Universal Service and Access, Institute of Air and Space Law, McGill University.

Bernard P Haggerty, Hate Crime Law in Canada and the United States: A Comparative Analysis of Statistical, Penal, and Remedial Provisions, University of British Columbia.

Colleen Marie Hanycz, Through the Looking Glass: Mediator Conceptions of Philosophy, Process and Power, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Eduardo Julian Hermida, Legal Basis for a National Space Legislation, Institute of Air and Space Law, McGill University.

Kay-Uwe Hoerl, Legal Aspects of Risks lnvolved in Commercial Space Activities, Institute of Air and Space Law, McGill University.

Xianfeng (Frank) Huang, A Comprehensive Study on Software Protection in the People's Republic of China, University of British Columbia.

Betty Lou (Bria) Huculak, From the Power to Punish to the Power to Heal, University of British Columbia.

Roderick Jensen, The International Criminal Court." Jurisdictional Limits to Effective Justice, University of British Columbia.

Maria Katsivela, Multimodal Carrier Liability in the U.S. and Canada: Towards Uniformity of Applicable Rules?, Universite de Montreal.

Ausma Zehanat Khan, The Unquiet Dead: Humanitarian Intervention, the Fall of Srebrenica, and Political Will as a Normative Linchpin, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Richard Langelier, La liberte d'expression et l'administration de la justice, le choc de deux paradigmes, Universite de Montreal.

Rosanna Lillian Langer, Law and Social Meaning: Defining Rights and Wrongs Through Administrative Processing, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Emily Lee, The Providers of Finance: The Role of Taiwan's Commercial Banks in International Business Transactions After the Asian Crisis, University of British Columbia. …