De Venecia: China Backing Gov't Subsidy for Political Parties

Article excerpt

Byline: Ben R. Rosario

With China vowing to back Speaker Jose de Venecia's proposal for government subsidy for political parties, backers of the proposed measure in the Philippines will stage a new attempt to have it approved in Congress.

In a press statement following his six-day official visit to China, De Venecia revealed that top Chinese leaders are backing his proposal for state governments in the region to finance political parties, a major initiative aimed at reducing political corruption and bribery among parties and their candidates.

Chairman Wu Bangguo of the National People's Congress and Premier Wen Jiabao were among those whom De Venecia approached for support for state subsidy through the Communist Party of China.

"I asked the Chinese leaders that Asia's political parties take common action in the Asian Parliamentary Assembly, International Conference of Asian Political Parties, and Asean Inter-Parliamentary Assembly to push the subsidy proposal to reduce corruption and prevent intervention by drug lords and gambling lords in elections," De Venecia said.

"This proposal will help put an end to indiscretion and fund-raising activities by political parties and their candidates that are always suspect because they border on corruption," De Venecia earlier said.

The CPC is one of the major Asian parties of the close to 100 political parties "both ruling and opposition" that make up the ICAPP. …