78th Anniversary of the Bureau of Plant Industry: Pinag-Ibayong Kampanya Para Sa Mataas Na Ani at Kita Ng Magsasaka

Article excerpt

Pursuant to Act 3639 of the Philippine Legislature, the Bureau of Agriculture was split into the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) in January, 1930.

The Act redefined the powers and functions of the two agencies, with the BAI taking over all activities concerning animals, animal diseases, and industrialization of animal products, and the

BPI taking over the tasks of plant research and crop production. By virtue of subsequent laws and executive and administrative orders, the BPI's primary tasks evolved to cover the promotion of the development of plant industries through research and development, crop production and protection, and effective technology promotion and transfer. Recognizing the bureau's efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out its mandates, BPI was certified as ISO 9002 for its world-class management system.

The BPI implements the program of the Department of Agriculture that seeks to help Filipino farmers in the following areas: Plant genetic resource conservation and management; crop farming system improvement through research and development; production of quality seeds and planting materials; plant pest surveillance and forecasting; pest management system and control strategies; enforcement of plant quarantine laws, rules, and regulations; farm mechanization; provision of analytical services on physic-chemical, microbiological, and pesticide residue analysis; development of processing technologies on utilization or agricultural crops and its by-products; and provision of services on seed testing and seed certification. …