New Books

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The 100-Yard Classroom: Winning Strategies for Helping Kids Succeed in School, Sports, and Life

Kevin Kush

Boys Town, paper, 194 pp., $12.95

Ballet Beginnings for Children: Pre-School Movement Fundamentals for Ages 3-4

Rosemary Boross

Princeton Book Company, paper, 128 pp., $24.95

The Complete Learning Disabilities Directory

Laura Mars-Proietti (Ed.)

Sedgwick, paper, 800 pp., $145.00

Creative Dance for Learning: The Kinesthetic Link

Mary Ann Brehm & Lynne McNett

McGraw-Hill, paper, 336 pp., $61.88

Dance: Current Selected Research (6th ed.)

Lynette Young Overby & Billy Lepczyk (Eds.)

AMS, cloth, 189 pp., $97.50

Dancing Lives: Five Female Dancers from the Ballet d'Action to Merce Cunningham

Karen Eliot

University of Illinois Press, cloth, 216 pp., $32.95

Diversity in Sport Organizations

George B. Cunningham

Holcomb Hathaway, paper, 400 pp., $45.00

Fitness for Life: Middle School

Charles B. Corbin, Guy C.

Le Masurier, & Dolly D. Lambdin

Human Kinetics, cloth, 144 pp., $25.00

Motor Development and Movement Activities for Preschoolers and Infants with Delays: A Multi-sensory Approach for Professionals and Families (2nd ed.)

Jo E. Cowden & Carol C. Torrey

Charles C. Thomas, paper, 348 pp., $53.95

Nutrition for Life

Janice Thompson & Melinda Manore

Benjamin Cummings, paper, 568 pp., $94.80

Research in Recreation, Parks, Sport, and Tourism (2nd ed.)

Carol C. Riddick & Ruth V. Russell

Sagamore, paper, 464 pp., $64.95

S. A. F. E. Play Areas: Creation, Maintenance, and Renovation

Donna Thompson, Susan D. Hudson, & Heather M. Olsen

Human Kinetics, paper, 219 pp., $29.00

Sport Law: A Managerial Approach

Linda A. Sharp, Anita M. Moorman, & Cathryn L. Claussen

Holcomb Hathaway, paper, 650 pp., $65.00

Traversing Walls: 68 Activities On and Off the Wall

Jim Stiehl & Dan Chase

Human Kinetics, paper, 148 pp. …