Fight against Discrimination : Dutch Journalists Win European Prize

Article excerpt

This year's 'For Diversity. Against Discrimination.' Journalist Award has gone to two Dutch journalists working for the Vrij Nederland magazine. The prize-winning article looks at the highly controversial issue of ethnic and racial discrimination on the labour market. The second and third prizes were awarded to a Polish and an Irish article respectively. The prize for the best photography also went to a Dutch reporter from Vrij Nederland.

"It takes courage and dedication to bring to light stories that are not always guaranteed to make the headlines" saidaVladimir pidla, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, at theaprize-giving ceremony in Brussels on 15 May.a"The winning journalists have given people in Europe an insight into some of the most challenging issues facing our society today."

The winning article, 'Er wordt gediscrimineerd. Punt uit.", was written by Vrij Nederland journalists Sander Donkers and Harm Ede Botje. It looks at the issue of ethnic and racial discrimination in the labour market, particularly against young Muslims, a situation relevant for many European countries. The second prize goes to the Polish article "Mi uj geja swego" by Edwin Bendyk and Jacek akowski, published in the magazine Polityka. The article highlights the issue of discrimination against gays and lesbians in Poland. In third place, the Irish journalist Fiona Ness, from the Sunday Business Post, was nominated for her article, "Disabled and Dismissed". …