Social Policy : Commission Launches Spate of Infringement Proceedings

Article excerpt

During its meeting held on 27 June, the European Commission decided to take legal proceedings on account of a set of infringements in social affairs.


The Commission has thus referred to the EU Court of Justice:

- the Czech Republic, over equal treatment of women and men in social security schemes, Directives 86/378 and 96/97

- Luxembourg (and reasoned opinion for Estonia), over the Directive on asbestos worker protection (2003/18)

- Greece, over incorrect transposition of Directive on parental leave (96/34);

over age discrimination for pensions of civil servants

- the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy (and reasoned opinion for Belgium), over nationality conditions for captains and head cooks in national-flag ships

- Portugal ("without delay"), over discrimination based on nationality

- Belgium (see separate article), over secondment of workers

- 14 member states, over racism and equal treatment (Directive 2000/43).


It has sent several reasoned opinions to:

- Belgium, Greece, France, Ireland, Luxembourg and Portugal, over non-observance of Directive 2003/72

- Greece, over discrimination on free time for children with regard to civil servants

- Finland, over equal treatment between men and women in social security schemes

- France, over the refusal to consider periods spent abroad for certain jobs

- Luxembourg, over discrimination in access to public service jobs based on nationality

- Malta, over freedom of movementof workers. …