Time to Bring Back the Parkie, Says Cameron; POLITICS

Article excerpt

Tory leader David Cameron pledged yesterday to clear parks of teenage gangs to encourage children to play outside more.

Reintroducing "parkies" is one of a series of proposals put forward by the Opposition to make Britain "the most family-friendly country in the developed world".

But Mr Cameron also urged the public to help by stepping in to tell off or help other people's children - dubbing the loss of adult authority a national "disaster".

The package was developed in response to a report by Unicef last year which ranked the UK the least child-friendly of 21 rich nations.

"We have retreated into our homes and we need to reclaim the streets, to resocialise the streets, the parks, the playgrounds.

"It can be done. I am not saying we have gone to hell in a handcart and it's all disastrous - but it does mean changing police practice, it means making sure culture changes in terms of what adults do with other people's children. …